Why I became vegan

Like most children I have always loved animals ever since I can remember.
In fact, everyone I knew claimed to love animals, yet we all ate them, wore them and used them for our entertainment. The paradoxicality of this did not occur to me for many years.

When I was a child the Internet was just becoming a thing, so my main source of information was television and the people (society) around me, and so I entered the world of delusion and almost allowed it to desensitize me. But despite all the conditioning I had this disturbing feeling whenever it came to meat. They could not make me go inside the butcher’s shop and there was a period when I refused to eat meat.

Somehow I got back to ‘normal’ but there were some traumatic experiences which further shaped my perspective, for example I bonded with some chicken and rabbits in my grandparents vacation house and felt terrible when they got cooked.

All these experiences have been accumulating for years until one day in January 2013 when I bought a bag of cheap chicken legs as they were on sale and I was going to cook them, but as I started to cut the flesh off the bones a feeling of horror and disgust came over me. I threw it all in the garbage and never ate meat again. It is very hard to describe that feeling, I guess it was some sort of awakening, almost like being unplugged from the matrix. I suddenly saw things as they really were.

So first I was a vegetarian for some years but meanwhile I started to learn more about the egg and dairy industry as well as other faces of animal cruelty, millions of animals being kept in horrible conditions, abused, beaten and finally killed to maintain a food industry that makes us sick and that converts to very little in calories compared to quantity of resources it requires, not to mention the devastating environmental effects.

We kill about 200 million animals every day and about a year, which means every 1.5 years we kill more animals than people have lived in the entire 200.000 years of humanity (source: Kurzgesagt).
These numbers are hard to grasp and very painful to acknowledge. Understanding the system of exploitation built around me made me transition from vegetarianism to veganism. In my opinion the way we live today is not sustainable nor moral and we really need to change our ways if we want to survive and live in harmony on this planet.

So to sum up, I became vegan for ethical reasons, but I consider the other aspects of veganism equally important, so I will be writing separate posts about the health benefits and positive environmental impacts of this life style.

Lastly I would like to mention that educating myself on the topic has also contributed to the expansion of my consciousness. I have reconnected with my humanism, my compassion and my ability to see the various cells as part of a body. When I look into the eye of any creature I see myself in them, I see all of use as one, recognizing that there is no fundamental difference between man and animals in their ability to feel pleasure and pain, happiness and misery (quote by Darwin).

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